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Langruth News 2001

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2001 (Jan to June) 

  •  February (Pancake Supper & Talent Auction, Lakeview Initiatives, Legion Auxiliary Annual Report, Hall Rates)
  •  March (Lakeview Initiatives Holds First AGM, Langruth proves to be a town on the move, house for sale)
  •  April (Flooding washes out roads, letter to Logberg-Hemskringlaby John Johnannson)
  •  May (Langruth pupils win awards for vocal, piano solos, Still coping with flooding, Thura Boivin )
  •  June (Fuel Station, Flooding, Graduated teen licencing )
  •  July (Portage girl's got 'the look')
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    Portage Herald Leader, Feb 27:   Lakeview Updates Agriculture Bylaw, aid for dust control
    Portage Herald Leader, March 13:   Langruth Youngsters take to slopes, Parent Council
    Portage Herald Leader, April 3:   Langruth girls win basketball tournament
    Portage Herald Leader, April 3:   Langruth Legion Auxiliary meets
    Portage Herald Leader, May 29:   Bylaw restrictions on Hollywood Beach, Big Grass Marsh drainage
    Portage Herald Leader, May 29:   Thura Boivin obituary

    June, 2001

    Langruth Views: 
    Page 1 (Thura Boivin, Langruth Seniors Club)
    Page 3 (Junior Rifles News)
    Page 4 (EcoDay, Legion photos, Willstrop and Thomson, Bohm, Wilson, Bird Area)
    Page 5 (Bill Jonasson, Church News-Rev Orton, 75th Anniversary)
    Page 6 (What is Cystic Fibrosis)
    Page 7 (Student employment opportunities)
    Page 8 (Ad: Club Regent)
    Page 9 (RCMP Feedback Form)
    Page 10 (Langruth Community Calendar June, 2001)

    Portage Herald Leader, June 5:   C-FAN employment
    Portage Herald Leader, June 5:   Principal, Junior rifles, sports clinic, highway clean-up
    Portage Herald Leader, June 5:   Langruth to dedicate bird area
    Portage Herald Leader, June 19,pg2:   Lakeview holds off on supporting lake diversion
    Portage Herald Leader, June 19:  Consumers get the shaft (Kevin Johnson and Esso)  
    Portage Herald Leader, June 26:  Future uncertain for Langruth gas station(Westshore Fuel, Johnson, Esso) ,   (Page2)

    July, 2001  (top of page)

    Langruth Views:
    Page1 (Bird Area Program)
    Page 2 (info)
    Page 3 (Thomson, Arksey, Nazar, trees on Main Street)
    Page 4 (Jonasson, July Day)
    Page 5 (Fire Dept., Bohm, Track&Field, United Church 75th)
    Page 6 (Gardiner, Yunkurt/McLaughlin)
    Page 7 (Langruth School, High School grads, United Church news)
    Page 8 (local bike gang, drag races)

    Portage Herald Leader, July 3:  Langruth officially named Important Bird Area
    Portage Herald Leader, July 10:  Court reserves Langruth fuel station decision   Awards at William Morton graduation   Awards handed to deserving Langruth students   Lakeview applies for disaster assistance
    Portage Herald Leader, July 31:  Gov't Flood payment slow(pg1)   (pg2)

    August, 2001  (top of page)

    Langruth Views: Page 1(Serenaders) , Page 2(rates, info) , Page 3(Woolford, new teacher) , Page 4(Einarson Park) , Page 5(United Church, 1921 map) , Page 6(Westshore Fuel job) , Page 7(Imperial vs Westlake, Groom 50th) , Page 8(Event Calendar)

    Portage Herald Leader, Aug 7:  Lakeview asks province for ditch cleaning approval

    Portage Herald Leader, Aug 14::  Langruth gas station owner no longer restricted from selling to former customers

    Portage Herald Leader, Aug 21:  Ambulance service planned for Hwy 50

    Sept, 2001  (top of page)

    The Langruth Fall supper is Coming Soon!
    Oct 14, 2001
    At the Langruth Community Hall
    Presented by the Lutheran Church and the United Church Women

    Langruth Views:  Page 1(Fall Fair)   Page 2(Sigga Moore, Eirikson)   Page 3(Calendar of Events)

    Portage Herald Leader, Sept 4,pg2:  Sandy Bay/RCMP) , Page 6(Terry Fox Run, new teacher)
    Portage Herald Leader, Sept 25: School bus route change

    Oct, 2001  (top of page)

    Langruth Views: Page 1 (You Know You're From Langruth When....., Sharon Leduc and Kurtis Craik)   Page 2 (Einarson Park)    Page 3 (C-FAN Opening, Doug and Jenny Cooper, Fall Supper)    Page 4 (Hollywood Beach Rocks, School News)  

    Portage Herald Leader, pg15:  Enrolment down in Pine Creek division, Langruth has 63
    Portage Herald Leader, Oct 9,pg6:   Opening of Einarson Park   Page 6 (Wild, school council, Art winners, Terry Fox Run, Soccer)
    Portage Herald Leader, Oct 16:  Lakeview awards cleaning contract to Emerson; Wiebe, Leclerc
    Portage Herald Leader, Oct 23:   Langruth school parent advisory council, Malcolm Wild    Einarson Park Opening pictures


    Nov, 2001   (top of page)

    Langruth Views:  Page 1 (Legion)   Page 2 (Ridge Water Supply)    Page 3 (Delta, Hollywood Beach)    Page 4 (boards and committees)   Page 5 (Iceland Immigrant Boy poem)    Page 6 (Operation Christmas Child, RM of Lakeview map from 1921).  

    Portage Herald Leader, Nov 6:  Book Fair, Friendship Club
    Portage Herald Leader, Nov 13,pg6:   Lakeview passes bylaw to establish emergency plan
    Portage Herald Leader, Nov 13,pg13:   Something personal to remember on Nov 11(Arksey)
    Portage Herald Leader, Nov 20:   Arksey honoured for decades of volunteer work (Rena Arksey Auxiliary service) , Family Center opens doors in Langruth (C-FAN, Viola Wild, resource materials, library)
    Portage Herald Leader, Nov 27,pg12:   Fisherman itching to get on Lake Manitoba


    Dec, 2001     (top of page)

    Langruth Views: Page 1 (Eyjofur Smith, Profiles of the Past-Dr. Allan Johnson) Page 2   Page 3   Page 4 (Tree lighting, Elks of 1952) Page 5   Page 6 (Musical News and Recognitions)  Page 7 (Calendar of Events).

    Langruth Views Christmas Special: Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4   Page 5   Page 6  
    Portage Herald Leader, Dec 4,pg18:   Langruth School wraps up fall fundraising

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